Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit (Vaginal or Anal Use)

Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Dilator Kit gently increase the size of the vaginal canal or rectum with ease and comfort! The Deluxe Silicone Dilator Kit was created to gradually stretch and train overly tight vaginal and/or anal muscles. Reduce discomfort during intercourse and maintain elasticity and pliability. Use the graduated sizes to reduce tightness, relax and gently stretch. Use to reduce tightness of vaginal and/or anal muscles. Silky smooth, phthalate free, graduated silicone dilators. Base allows for added control and leverage. Large dilator 3.9 inches by .875 inch. Medium dilator 3.3 inches by .75 inch. Small dilator 2.8 inches by .5 inch


  • R 965.00