Lady Jane - About Us

Brief History

Selling Adult Products is not the everyday profession to consider when starting a business. So the idea of selling adult materials takes "balls of steel". Excuse the PUN. It’s a man’s business, so some would say. Well Hello, we need a Female Touch. And with that a concept that adult products can be sold in a tasteful manner, with professionalism, and a passion for improving relationships, intimacy, pleasure and building great, long lasting customer relationships.

As the name portrays… Lady Jane is owned by a Lady. Lady Jane only employs ladies in our stores.  And every thing we do stands for professionalism, discretion, pride in ourselves and in our brand. Offering our customers a very unique experience, fantastic service, knowledge of products, and the largest variety of adult material in the market. We strive to keep up to date with latest of international products and trends in technology.

With an academic career in accounting, yes! Accounting! These humans actually do have personalities, the idea to do something most people would not. After the amazing opportunities of living in London and New York, blessed with travel opportunities and a family, and having done so much in a professional working capacity, a decision to leave a corporate background, and an impressive CV, was made after becoming a mom.  To have fun, create employment, and offer customers a unique retail experience to improve love lives, sex lives and relationships is our vision at Lady Jane.


Our Stores

So our first small, discreet, warm and comfortable store was opened in the leafy suburbs of Hillcrest, Kwa Zulu Natal in 2012. With family and friends helping out, we opened our first store.

Two years later, in 2014, we opened our Umhlanga Branch in a small, discreet and busy street. This store proved we could go a bit bigger in a few years time, of which we now have an even bigger store in Outlet Park, in a discreet retail centre. 

In 2016 we opened our Ballito store, and in 2019 we opened our Fourways store.

Our online store offers great customer service too. We always contact our customers to make sure their product selection is exactly what they are looking for.  We have friendly advice and take the time to ensure you have the same shopping experience as we do in our stores.


Events & Networking

We also attended the well known Sexpos in Gauteng and Cape Town. These were very successful, (and hard work) and we had some of the largest stands during these events. This was 5 years of Sexpos, until it closed down under the old management.

We do participate in medical networking events, and we have a good network of medical professionals that prefer to direct their patients to us. We have many customers with different dysfunctions and we also assist cancer patients, accident victims, menopause and male dysfunctions too.


Future Plans

We have our retail plan to open more stores in Gauteng and Cape Town and lets see where the vibes take us.

We continue to source new products weekly, and are absolutely thrilled to find the latest items, and bring great products to our customers. Our love for buying shows in the huge selection of stock we carry in our stores, they are well stocked with sexy, tantalising and erotic items. We have over 8000 product lines ready and waiting for you to be curious to venture and have fun buying your adult products in store or online.


Our Ultimate Vision

As the owner, the best satisfaction in the business is the incredible compliments we receive on a daily basis from our customers when getting advice, recommendations and suggestions from our Sales Ladies. Google our stores and read the reviews. We really do know our products, and we are extremely passionate about what we do!

Finally, the compliments about our products from customers and how well the products worked for them, or how our products and advice have saved relationships, improved confidence and general wellbeing is invaluable. Sexual health and wellness at Lady Jane has transformed relationships, improved health and having obtained an education and understanding in an often poorly perceived industry, has broadened consumer perspectives.

We encourage you to visit our stores, and once your shopping experience is complete, we welcome your review.