Unapologetically Sexy Parties

Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Parties are the confidential and privately discreet parties held in the comfort of your home amongst your family and friends. We have presentable and knowledgeable friendly Party Planners that will ensure your evening (or day) is hosted with educational emphasis, but full of fun and plenty of questions and answers presented and clarified to ensure you receive not just a fun party but made aware of the benefits of maintaining healthy intimate relationships.

How do I enquire about having a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Parties may be booked on our website or by email at info(at)ladyjane.co.za This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by providing your details and we will contact you, or phone 072 399 7829.

What do I receive for hosting a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
We really value the support of our hosts and you will receive 5% off on your purchases. You are also automatically entered into our monthly lucky draw competitions.

When can I have a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
As soon as you book a party we are able to confirm the date you prefer. Usually for you to organise a suitable time with your friends would require a booking for 3 weeks in advance. We do parties during the week and on weekends. We are able to host parties instore. At present we have one store in Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal

What do I need to do to have a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
Having a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party is simple. You would need to provide a venue, normally your home, and invite your friends. We do not stipulate a minimum number of ladies who should be present, but we encourage that the more guests the more fun and successful the evening will be.

Is there a charge to host a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
We do charge a booking fee payable into advance to confirm your booking. The booking fee is dependent on the area where it will be held and also may be reduced depending on the evening(days) sales. The fee is to cover the Party Planner's time and travel costs. This will be confirmed with you when you enquire to host a party.

How long does a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party last?
A party usually lasts between 3 - 6 hours. Our Party Planners will be following a programme for the evening and at the end of the evening, you are able to purchase your products.

What happens at a Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party?
Our parties begin with an introduction to our company and how to host parties or become a Party Planner. Party Planners will play a couple of games at the beginning of the evening as ice-breakers. The Party games are fun, humorous and participative for your friends. We may give away a few prizes. The Party Planners will then educate you and your friends for a selection of products. At the end of the demonstration, guests may purchase products in a separate, private area/room individually, or with friends.

How do we purchase products at our Lady Jane Unapologetically Sexy Party
At the end of the evening, products are available for sale. We set up our products displayed for sale in a separate room. We have a selection of many products for sale. Products include adult toys, books, bridal gimmicks, lubricants, massage oils and lingerie. Depending on the size of the party, we may have sufficient stock on hand with the Party Planner. However, we also require you to order on our preprinted order forms.

In the event a product may be sold out or ordered on our order forms, our policy is to deliver your products to the host within 72 hours. If a product is not in stock, we will contact you and will confirm approximate delivery time with you. In these rare circumstances, we deliver your product to you personally.

We accept most forms of payment on the evening-cash, credit card, debit card (if we have our electronic machines at the party) and cheques in the name of Lady Jane (please note cheque payments must clear before we deliver those particular products).

All purchases are invoiced. Due to the personal nature of our products we do not have a return/refund policy. It is the commitment of Lady Jane to ensure our products are in working order and the strictest attention to hygiene is maintained.

How confidential are our purchases?
We advise ladies to come in individually to purchase their products. However, this is not generally the case with most guests. The atmosphere created by the end of the evening of fun and laughter is increased by ladies discussing their purchases and buying together. Our Party Planners will not discuss purchases with any other person.

Are the Lady Jane Party Planners professional?
Lady Jane Party Planners are professional and presentable. They have received a great amount of training on product knowledge and Lady Jane will not allow an inexperienced Party Planner to conduct a party on her own. Our Party Planners enjoy doing Lady Jane parties on a part-time basis and usually have full-time careers in professional capacities.

What other parties do you do?
We organise and co-ordinate bridal showers and let the bridesmaids relax and enjoy the party. We also will participate in fundraising and charity events. We may also do promotional work at night clubs.