Crystal Clear Anal Training Set (3)

Crystal Clear Anal Training Set of 3 includes 1x anal plug and 2 x anal dildos, perfect for anal pleasure and stretching training. Each transparent plug/dildo is flexible and flexible for easy insertion and optimal adaptation to the body and movements. All with a wide suction base that ensures anal-safe handling without slipping. The suction base also sticks firmly to most smooth surfaces for hands-free use. 

Plug total length 10.8 cm, insertion length 9.3 cm, Ø max. 4 cm.
Dildo small total length 11.4 cm, insertion length 9.9 cm, Ø max. 3.4 cm
Dildo large, total length 19.1 cm, insertion length 18 cm, Ø max. 4.4 cm


  • R 1,015.00