Lelo Luna Beads Kegel Balls

Lelo Luna Beads, kegal balls. Exercise those muscles ladies, tightening your pelvic floor will support a better orgasm, make you feel tighter for him and in return he will also feel larger for you. Win, win situation really. Use with the Interchangeable silicone connectors or as erotic beads without the connector.

The Lelo Classic Luna Beads have 4 weighted balls.

The Lelo Mini Luna Beads have 4 weighted balls that are smaller for ladies that are nervous to use bigger balls or medically advised to use smaller balls due to the smaller tighter vaginal opening.

The Lelo Noir Luna Beads have 2 weighted balls that are also smaller and slightly heavier than the Mini beads.

The Lelo Plus Luna Beads have 6 weighted balls.


  • R 1,485.00