Lovense Max 2 Masturbator (App) (USB)

Male Masturbator, Lovense Max 2.  This revolutionary male product is designed for your pleasure. The multiple-sensation sleeve and powerful vibrator within the casing can make you squirm for more… Either use it for masturbation OR sit back insert and do your thing using just your phone or the mode buttons on the side of the casing no fuss !  Reach orgasm without moving,  the vibe and contraction almost feels real.  With 360 degree contractions and adjustable air vent to control SUCTION... THIS might just squeeze every last bit of an orgasm from you loins.   Use your smartphone as a remote control, have someone else control your toy from miles away or have long distance SEX by syncing with Nora or another Max/Max 2 and the toys will react to each other's movements..   Accommodates most sizes,  interacts with other sex toys (Max/Max 2 or Nora), wireless, rechargeable with body safe materials and water resistant makes this easy  to clean too. Compatible with most devices.


  • R 4,250.00