• Ball Stretcher Perfect Fit Bull Bag
  • Ball Stretcher Perfect Fit Bull Bag

Ball Stretcher Perfect Fit Bull Bag

Stimulate your scrotum safely and comfortably with Perfect Fit Brand's Bull Bag XL. This two-in-one toy is great for helping you get off. It stretches your balls with the opening ring and added weight, increasing sensitivity and pleasure. All our ball stretchers are made with SilaSkin, a proprietary silicone/TPR material that is latex-free and has a velvety texture as close to real as you can get. Due to the material content, it should not be used with latex condoms. The Bull Bag XL can stretch up to 1.5 times its size, wide enough to hold bigger balls, and then return to its original shape. While wearing, it compresses and pulls just enough for your enjoyment without risking cutting off circulation. This ball extender can be used with a multitude of other non-latex products that don't have a scrotum anchor built in. Check out our storefront to increase your pleasure with our Fat Boy extenders, sleeves, cock rings, and other great sex toys! Even though our ball stretcher is made from ultra-stretchy, durable SilaSkin, we do not recommend regular wear for long stretches of time. Wash in warm water with a mild soap, and allow to air dry between uses.


  • R 675.00